Over 95% of the black rhino population has disappeared in the past 30 years, dropping from 60,000 in the 1970s to fewer than 2,500 at the last count, in 1998.

Black rhinos used to live right across the African continent, from the Ivory Coast to South Africa but intensive poaching has left just a few in Kenya, Tanzania and Zimbabwe.

War veterans have invaded and taken over Gourlays Ranch, home to a tenth of the rhino population of Zimbabwe. The territorial rhino have been forced to live in a smaller area. The reduced habitat causes fighting between the territorial bulls and as a result, one bull rhino has died.


40 black rhino are at risk because the war veterans have stopped the pumping of water for the animals.

The biggest threat to the rhinos has come from poaching. The game scouts who used to protect the animals have been chased off Gourlays Ranch and essential maintenance, such as the mending of fences has been left undone.

Since 1987, Richard & Carol Pascall have owned Gourlays Ranch. Richard is prepared to be interviewed by any media including television. Contact (m) 263 11 212 899 (h) 263 85 354 or (e) pascallzw@yahoo.com

Update 12 June 2002: On Gourlays Ranch, National Parks have been allowed to pump water again.

Last Updated 18 January 2003: E-mail received from Johnny Rodriques titled Zimbabwe Conservation Task Force quote: I’ve just had confirmation that 3 black rhino have been shot and de-horned in Sinamatella Camp at Hwange Game Reserve. I will forward photos as soon as I receive them.

I’m really worried because I also heard that the 40 black rhino on Gourlays Ranch, which are now at the mercy of the war vets because the owner of the ranch, Richard Pascall was evicted from there in April 2002, are going to be moved to Hwange where it is presumed they will be protected from poachers! It seems that they will be taken out of the frying pan and thrown into the fire! ends


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